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Singapore is a city-state approximately the size of Helsinki’s metropolitan area (733.1 km2). At 5,4 million, the population is roughly the same as in Finland. Singapore gained independence from Malaysia in 1965 and quickly became one of the leading centers for commerce in South East Asia, together with Hong Kong. Today Hong Kong is losing its position as the primary hub in Asia, and Singapore’s role is growing stronger.

Singaporeans respect Finnish know-how. Especially knowledge of heavy industry and green solutions is valued. On the other hand, Singapore’s government looks for different expertise in different fields from year to year. For example, a few years ago, Singapore focused on innovative solutions for AI, cyber security, and sustainable building.

Our market research services will be able to find out where the focus is right now. Is your company’s expertise precisely what is missing from Singapore right now?

Prices not including VAT


Hot desk

From 150 € / 210 SGD / month

A work space and desk always available for you, whether you’re just dropping by or staying for longer.

Virtual membership

From 130 € / 180 SGD / month

The opportunity to grow your business as a part of Innovation Home’s global community and network. We can support your arrival to the Asian and Singaporean market in many different ways!

Business- / showroom membership

From 220 € / 310 SGD / month

The world is changing rapidly and Innovation Home is a part of the change. Our passion is to match start ups and big corporations together for new innovations.

We’ll be happy to show and tell you how we do this, and find the best solution for you to join our brilliant community. We can showcase your product in our office space – easy to B2B clients to see & feel your product in Singapore.

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Visit and work Singapore

You can visit Singapore on a tourist visa and stay up to three months. When you want to settle in Singapore for longer, you need a work permit. There are various work permits, from passes for entrepreneurs to employed workers. Singapore’s minimum wage requirements depend, for example, on education and work experience. We are happy to help you figure out the best options for you.


Test week


Try us out for a week with no cost! You will have all the services you’d have if you were already a part of our community. There’s no commitment for you, but we will commit to you. There’s only one risk: you might want to stay!

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Easy to start your business

Singapore’s corporate tax is one of the lowest in the world, and it is one of the only
countries that have lowered the taxation of companies to attract more foreign investments
and global businesses into the country. Business-friendly Singapore supports companies,
for example, through easy and quick ways to incorporate and low taxes.
Once you register a company in Singapore, it is also possible to apply for government
support for start up costs.

No double taxation, no advance tax, and tax relief for businesses making up to $100 000!
Low GST (VAT) at 8% that a company only has to start paying once the turnover is over a
million dollars.

Block #71, Singapore


We have HotDesks and two meeting rooms available

Two venue spaces: our own office space plus community’s shared seminar area

Showroom for your products

A bridge between Asia and Europe

Expanding abroad and entering international markets is always a challenge that requires strong local partners. Singapore and Finland are very similar countries in terms of both economic and demographic strengths and challenges. These similarities facilitate the building of strong bonds, e.g. technology, medical technology, education or AI solutions and smart city challenges.

Easier business for startups too

Innovation Home Singapore, Los Angeles and Finland know that startups need all the help and support they need to move to foreign markets quickly, cheaply and easily. Innovation Home is paving the way in its own transparent and helpful way, enabling good relationships with local businesses and government.

Without cash flow and network, nothing develops

To achieve faster growth and cash flow, we offer a variety of options for sales and marketing. In our premises you can present your products and we take care of your customers with respect, but being active in sales.

We have today’s capabilities to connect both large corporations and small startups together.


Viivi Avellan, Country Manager, Innovation Home Singapore