Explore Innovation Home’s Sustainability Strategy and Learn How Office and Event Business Can Be Conducted Responsibly!

Our actions are guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are committed to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact (UNGC) initiative.

The purpose of our Responsibility Appendix is to communicate our principles related to responsibility to all our members and partners, as well as to provide information and tips for promoting them.

Innovation Home has taken a strong step toward a more responsible future!

By supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Global Compact initiative, we have strengthened our principles of responsibility.

We also challenge our members to join us on this journey of responsibility.

From the very beginning, our mission at Innovation Home has strongly emphasized environmental values and the sharing economy. We offer businesses more efficient space solutions by flexibly utilizing shared workspaces. Operating in a coworking space is inherently a responsible act.

Here, no one works alone. Friends, business associates, and partners surround us. Our members, staff, and visitors are at the heart of Innovation Home. Matchmaking is one of our core values—we encourage and assist our members in sharing networks and expertise. Diversity is our strength.

In 2024, Innovation Home is committed to measuring and reporting the carbon emissions of all our locations. Our members also have the opportunity to participate. We challenge everyone to join the carbon emissions calculation campaign, which we conduct in collaboration with AskKauko using the ImpactOS tool.

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Our Principles of Operation


We believe that companies can change the world by influencing , choosing responsible alternatives, and supporting others in achieving their goals. Our goal is to be a pioneer in our field—challenging other players and driving their sustainability efforts. Our Code of Conduct defines the key ethical principles and business standards for Innovation Home’s operations. We encourage every Innovation Home member, member company, and partner to commit to these principles.

From our members, we expect:

Members should acquaint themselves with and commit to Innovation Home’s sustainability principles and the ten principles of the UN Global Compact.

Members should actively contribute to implementing responsibility within their organizations. Innovation Home is eager to create new practices and solutions that promote sustainability within our community. We actively encourage members and partners to share any new ideas related to sustainability with us.

Good Governance


From the beginning, Innovation Home’s principle has been to grow profitably. As the company expands, we have developed our work practices in a more professional and responsible direction, with a longer-term perspective. Comprehensive plans and computational analyses drive the decisions made by the company’s board. We encourage our team to develop skills, and alongside training, we invest in tools.

Responsibility has become an integral part of our strategic work, and we have built a sustainability program together with our staff. We also aim to communicate our actions responsibly through concrete examples. Annually, we measure progress toward sustainability goals using significant indicators that support our operations. We are implementing sustainability program audits within the community to enhance transparency. Additionally, we are introducing an anonymous reporting channel for misconduct.

We communicate our values precisely and have established a Code of Conduct for community members. Our goal is to develop our operations responsibly, taking into account the wishes of both employees and customers. Alongside active interaction, we conduct annual employee and customer satisfaction surveys.

Continuous assessment and improvement:

The parties commit to regular dialogue to promote sustainability and jointly develop new measures that enhance responsibility.

This sustainability appendix complements the agreements between Innovation Home and member companies and is binding for all parties to the agreement.

Social Responsibility


At the heart of Innovation Home’s operations lies the community and its well-being. We aim to create a collaborative work culture and bring joy to work by organizing various programs and activities among our member community. To enhance employee well-being, we offer diverse exercise options, including workplace yoga sessions. Additionally, our different locations provide innovative stimuli such as climbing walls, courtyard saunas, art installations, and the soothing sound of a waterfall. Our office spaces also support active commuting.

Our personnel are our most valuable resource, and we strive to support their well-being and job satisfaction. At Innovation Home, employees have access to a handbook that outlines our company’s approach. Together with our employees, we have established principles that prioritize responsibility. We maintain diversity within our workforce to ensure a multifaceted team that shines from every angle. Our agreed-upon practices align with a responsible employer image.

Aligned with our values, we aim to connect people, expertise, and businesses through matchmaking. Diversity is our strength, and together, we achieve more. Whether startup, growth, or corporate companies, we all belong to the same community, and even small businesses benefit from the advantages and peer support of larger enterprises. Our spatial design encourages social interactions, and our coworking spaces offer innovative and ergonomic workstations tailored to various needs and situations.

Responsibility is a shared matter. We want to lead by example within the community as a responsible actor and utilize community services as our primary choices. When selecting partners, we emphasize responsibility and mutual collaboration. It is important to us that shared values within the community are adhered to, which we communicate in various ways. Through customer communication and monitoring, we ensure that the community and supply chain operate according to defined values and ethical principles.

We expect equal treatment and good behavior from all individuals working with us, regardless of factors such as gender, nationality, ethnic background, political stance, religion, sexual orientation, or age. We do not tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination. Each of our employees or partners has the right to make anonymous reports directly to management regarding any observed deficiencies or misconduct. We understand that addressing issues can be challenging. For this purpose, Innovation Home has an anonymous reporting channel.


From our members, we expect:

Member companies ensure that their operations within rental premises, as well as working conditions, working hours, salaries, and benefits, comply with the laws applicable in Finland (including tax and labor legislation), regulations, and official guidelines related to well-being at work and similar matters.

The member company does not tolerate any disrespectful or discriminatory behavior, bullying, or harassment towards anyone else.

If a member observes any deviations or violations related to the responsibility or responsible conduct of the rental property, the tenant reports these to the landlord without undue delay. The report can be made anonymously through the notification channel HERE

Environmental responsibility


Innovation Home’s business falls within the realm of the sharing economy. It provides companies with more efficient space solutions by flexibly utilizing shared workspaces. Through our services, businesses reduce wasted space in their premises and the associated environmental impact (such as heating costs). In our new locations and renovations, we emphasize environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions. Innovation Home measures carbon emissions using the Impact OS tool.

In the interior design of Innovation Home spaces, we blend new furnishings with reused or repurposed items to create a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. Our approach supports ecological choices and responsible partnerships in interior design and other procurement decisions.

We strategically position Innovation Home facilities in central locations to optimize customer flow. Our network of locations allows businesses to utilize different sites, shortening the commutes for employees and clients. Our facilities are conveniently accessible via public transportation, and we encourage walking or cycling. For those who drive, especially in new locations, we aim to provide electric vehicle charging options. We communicate our services electronically, supporting hybrid work arrangements.

To minimize food waste in our restaurant services, we employ precise planning and track customer flow. We prioritize local and eco-friendly ingredients, as well as healthy options.

From our members, we expect:

Member companies should use energy, water, and materials sparingly. When choosing their own electricity contracts related to premises, members should opt for at least low-carbon energy (e.g., green electricity).

Members should follow property-specific waste sorting guidelines.

Innovation Home encourages its members to conduct their own free carbon footprint calculations using tools like Impact OS. Additionally, they are committed to promoting sustainable operational models aligned with good environmental principles.

Members also have the opportunity to offset emissions generated by their spaces through

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