New types of office spaces are generating interest.

Innovation Home Tampere is expanding in the historic Finlayson area in the city center as part of its growth strategy. The 1200-square-meter north wing, opening in the fall of 2024, has generated significant pre-demand. The newly renovated spaces will transform into modern office facilities to meet the evolving demands of the working world.

New workspaces with views of Tammerkoski are generating interest.

Hybrid working

has significantly changed workspace requirements. Instead of physical square footage, the need has shifted towards flexible and inspiring workspaces. Modern workplaces require both smaller quiet spaces and areas for meeting people. The one- to two-person team and office rooms in Innovation Home’s expansion cater to the needs for remote meetings and other small quiet spaces. Along with versatile shared spaces, these rooms offer flexible working conditions as part of the community. Both individual work and communal interaction are integral to the demands of contemporary work culture.

“At the heart of Innovation Home is community, which is evident in the expansion of the north wing. We want to bring together an even larger group of professionals to our ‘equator’ over a cup of coffee with views of the rapids. The new space represents an office environment that adapts to customer needs and inspires,” says Laura Toikkanen, the enthusiastic Community Manager of Innovation Home Tampere.

“50% of the new spaces have been reserved before the official opening. This shows that we are on the right track. We are also excited that our growth can support the development of the area,” says Tommi Aaltonen, Acting CEO of Innovation Home. After the expansion, Innovation Home, located in the national landscape of Tammerkoski, will cover 2600 square meters. Additionally, the company manages the Finlayson Meetings conference and event center, which opened last summer in the area.

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The office’s shared spaces are highly versatile.